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CruzPlay's Trial Application. Empty CruzPlay's Trial Application.

Post by CruzPlays on Thu Jun 07, 2018 3:41 am

-What's your name? ----- Cruz

-What age are you? ---- 17

-What's your timezone? --- IST ( Indian Standard Time )

-What language(s) do you speak? ---- English

-Why do you want to become a staff member? ---- I want to become a staff member, cause i feel like i'm ready for it and have been a staff before.I wanna be part of this new community and help as much as i can.I don't wanna go in depth about ''Where was i staff and where i'am currently a staff''. But i can manage both the server, only if i'am accepted. Being a staff member is really hard, a lot of people apply just to have fun, But that's not how it works. To be a staff you have to be experienced and kind towards people and i think i have those qualities.

-How can you help us with MortalCraft? ---- I'll try best to help the server in any need ( Unfortunately i can't donate ). But i'll give my best to keep the server clean from hackers and those who love to be racist towards others. Also i'll try my best to get the server's position to where it has to be!. I don't consider myself good, cause there are a lot of people who are better then me. I want finish my rambling here.
-Do you have a working mic?

-Can you record and upload videos? --- Yes

-How many hours can you dedicate to your staff duties? --- 4-5 Hours/Per day

-Any extra information? --- Discord : CruzPlays#9430, IGN - ItsCruzPlays . Thanks for reading my application!

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