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Trial application Empty Trial application

Post by IAMTHEMAN on Mon May 21, 2018 10:38 pm

-What's your name?

-What age are you?
14 and half and this year i will be 15

-What's your timezone?

-What language(s) do you speak?
English,Arabic,french and that's it eventually

-Why do you want to become a staff member?
I want to become a staff member on MortalCraft because I feel like helping out the server and improving it will be great and well appreciated so i decided to apply on MortalCraft so I can improve  the server with my skills and help people that needs help, well when the server will be released, I like helping people with stuff that a regular member cant help with, I have experiences in servers moderation, I have been staff on several servers but I wanted to leave those server because they were taking all my time and I really like to spend time with friends not only in other servers, I hate when servers takes all my time, if u ask me how many server do I play on I play on hypixel, jartex and I will be spending more time her, As the server is still not released it would be awesome to help the other staff members with the builds and the server eventually, MortalCraft will have a place in my heart if i get accepted.

-How can you help us with MortalCraft?
I can help MortalCraft with many stuff As I said above I would be happy if I can help the server even if its not released this will be a pleasure to do, I have building skills so if there is no lobby or still not built I would like to build it and make it look awesome, as a trial i cant do much but I might be promoted to a higher rank like a builder, I had experience in building/decorating build in Minecraft like 3 years now, I can help the server with many stuff and it will be a pleasure if I could help the server with stuff like building, decorating, maybe codding, commands and much more, Minecraft had been my home for six  years  now and I have learnt much about it and that will be great in improving the server.

-Do you have a working mic
-Can you record and upload videos?

-How many hours can you dedicate to your staff duties?
3 to 7 or even 4-7 our per day dew to duties

-Any extra information?
sugarbabeh gave me permission to apply again.

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Trial application Empty Re: Trial application

Post by SugarBabeh on Mon May 21, 2018 10:50 pm

Hello there , I've decided to accept your application and give you a chance. But here's some pointers for next time:
-Dont mention server names
-We want you to be online here most of your time not on other servers such as Jartex .
-Capatilise "I"

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